25 Sep 2020

Captain Fighter Pilot


Job Description

  • Employ fighter aircraft throughout their flight envelope as a surrogate Adversary, Red Air, Aggressor or Close Air Support pilot for US Military aircrew.
  • Attend mass briefings, adversary coordination briefings and other pre-flight briefings. Plan and fly adversary missions. Accomplish flight debriefings and attend mass debriefings.
  • Adhere to all training rules and pre-briefed maneuvering restrictions
  • Collect and disseminate lessons learned.
  • Accomplish necessary ground training prior to flights
  • Deploy as required to support mission requirements.

Pilots shall have the education, training, technical knowledge, and experience required for their assigned function.

1.  Current FAA Class II medical rating

2.  Must be a citizen of the United States.

3.  FAA Instrument Rating. All pilots shall be IFR rated and shall hold a commercial pilot certificate

Military tactical flying experience in one of the following:

1.   500 hours total fighter time and current in Armed Forces Reserve or Air National Guard status, or

2.    DoD retired or separated with 1,000 hours fighter time, or

3.    DoD retired or separated with 1,300 hours total time (PIC/IP/SEFE in F/A/T-airframes) with 300 hours fighter time

*Note: Fighter time includes any F- or A- designation, as well as T-38 ADAIR, T-38 IFF, and any international exchange fighter equivalent airframe

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Job Types: Captain and TRE/TRI/SFE/SFI/GI/FI.


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