27 Oct 2021

Captain Pilots EMIRATES


Job Description


You have many career options available to you.

Join us as a First Officer, and you’ll have the opportunity to become a Captain faster than you could with other long-haul carriers.

First Officers can progress to Synthetic Flight Instructors or CRM Instructors.

As a Captain you can advance your career in roles such as:

  • Training Captain
  • Type Rating Instructor or Examiner
  • Flight Operations Audit Captain
  • Management Pilot
  • Recruitment Pilot


After an induction week, you’ll begin your Type Rating course. It will cover areas like Aircraft Systems, TCAS, ETOPS, ILS/PRM, RNAV and RVSM.

Then, the Fixed base IPT and full-flight simulator will lead up to your license and skills test. Final simulator sessions will qualify you for Low Visibility Ops and Zero Flight Time.

Line training begins after that – starting with an observation flight, and then between 12 – 30 training sectors (depending on your previous experience), mostly to places you haven’t flown to before.

The last step is a final line check, and you’ll be a fully-qualified commercial pilot with Emirates.

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Job Types: Captain and First Officer.


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