31 Oct 2020

Maintenance Technical Services Engineer B737


Job Description

We are recruiting for the following role for a client based in the Middle East, please apply via the below form. Terms will be discussed at the time of application.

Principal Objectives

To enhance the technical condition of the airframes, engines and components to meet regulatory, reliability or customer requirements. This includes responsibility for:

i. Aircraft specification development

ii. Modification and repair documentation review

iii. OEM and authority document review

iv. Reliability and trend monitoring

v. Second level technical support

vi. Production Planning

Key Accountabilities

i. Safety

ii. Ensuring compliance with Health and Safety regulations.

iii. Taking an active role in establishing an effective safety culture.

iv. Registering, assessing and regularly reviewing risks. Monitoring progress of mitigation actions.

Task Activity

a) Reviewing all incoming technical literature related to continued airworthiness (SB’s, SL’s, AD’s, ICA’s, etc).

b) Monitoring of engine trend reports for adverse trend shift and deterioration and scheduling appropriate

follow-up actions.

c) Monitoring, investigating, and reporting on technical delay trends.

d) Regularly reviewing defect history to identify repetitive defects. Developing rectification plans.

e) Performing technical investigations into defects, identifying the causes, and making recommendations to prevent reoccurrences of such.

f) Authoring reliability reports, recommending follow-up actions based on reliability analysis, including Maintenance Program revisions, operations procedure changes, training changes etc., compiling the quarterly EDTO report.

g) Monitoring such other performance trends and/or performance data as will contribute to extending on-wing time

and/or improving reliability eg. monitor brake landings/overhaul, fuel performance etc.

h) Developing in-house minor modifications including conducting feasibility studies. Obtaining approval for such.

i) For structural repairs outside of SRM limits, assisting as requested with the obtaining of approved RepairSchemes.

j) Obtaining No Technical Objection letters as required.

k) Authoring work orders and job cards to relay scheduled maintenance tasks to production staff.

l) In collaboration with Maintenance Repair Organization, analyzing scheduled maintenance work packs, ensuring

that adequate step-by-step work instructions are available for all scheduled complex tasks, helping planning

the sequence of the work to ensure tasks are performed in the most efficient manner.

m) Attending post-event debriefs to identify opportunities for improvement

n) Providing “2nd level” technical support to maintenance engineers in the event of difficult or ongoing aircraft

defects which may require in depth analysis or liaison with the manufacturer.

o) Assisting Maintenance Engineers with those maintenance related problems eg. IPC applicability, A/C Mod Status

etc. that may require additional expertise or information not readily available to Maintenance Organization.

p) Representing the company for any subcontracted maintenance checks.

q) Maintaining effective relationships with manufacturers, repair stations and other operators as required

r) Ensuring the Maintenance Management database is updated.

s) Assisting Director of Engineering for special projects related to enhancing the technical status of the fleet.

t) Participating in reviewing the ICAs provided by STC Holders.

u) Contributing to the development of MEL’s including the development and processing of amendments.​​​

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